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Title says it all, İ'm no longer a high school student, İf God wills, İ will be a college student the moment İ pass my English examinations!

That is all İ wanted to say for now, see ya later :D
İ haven't posted any artwork or journal in a while, İ was pretty lazy even if İ promised İ wouldn't be as lazy.

So long story short, İ have a Yükseköğretime Geçis Sınavı "Higher Education Examination"  (a form of university exam) to attend to tomorrow and İ'm pretty hyped up.

İ really hope İ pass the limit of 180 and increase the point by several more so İ can attend the Lisans Yerleştirme Sınavı "Undergraduate Placement Examination" (another university exam) within the Language section cuz' İ wanna be a translator. :D

You stay awesome and God bless.

Title says it all, İ'll be officially heading back to school tomorrow and there are changes, İ'll have six days of school instead of the usual five, İ'll mostly be active around Saturday nights and Sunday as a result of strict rules set by my brother (who's about to get married and leave home on November, Praise the God) and my mother, so don't blame me if İ didn't reply to a comment you've sent me days ago.

As soon as my mandatory 12 year school life ends, İ'll be more active with works under my sleeve.

Until next Saturday night
İ have passed being a junior and will be a senior next year, just one more year and then it's over for my mandatory school time.
Hopefully... just wanted to share this.
So, İ'm super happy today, because... İ have been given the right to vote and i used it pretty well.
(Not tellin' y'all who i've voted to)
Also, after a week goes by, i'm officialy a senior. (The downside is, i have to go to school again by August, only 2 months of break. TT But hopefully it will be worth it.)

So yeah, tl-dr, İ have voted for the next elections and i'll be a senior by the next week.
İ just got home and wanted to watch some music videos on Youtube, all the sudden, it doesn't open and i'm like "WTF!?" So i restarted my router and tried again, didn't work, after some research, it turns out that the government has banned Youtube and Twitter due to the events that took in 31st March, They say that the ban will continue until people take down things related to the events. Which means, no Youtube for a while. At least i can tolerate it but the majority of Turkish citizens, left-wing or right-wing, Republican or Conservative Democrat went bananas over this. All i can hope for now is that the government manages to take down tweets and videos related to the events and make the said sites accessible again.

Youtube'daki 31 Mart olayı ile ilgili videolar kalkınca Youtube tekrar erişime açılacak, Sakin ol Türk gençliği.


Update : The ban has been lifted.
For those who don't know, Turkey had a blackout due to the courthouse in İstanbul being attacked by DHKP-C. (A militant left-wing party in Turkey) They attacked the building and held a solicitor hostage, the whole country had to suffer this by having a blackout by the government as a way of censoring any news channel who try to exploit the situation to it's end. The disaster of the blackout was obviously met with harsh criticism, Unable to use the metros, lamps and unable to make hot water without electricity.... (Trust me, i personally suffered the lack of hot water myself.) the blackout officially ended around 20:00. (Maybe even earlier or later in other cities.) and the result of the attack on the courthouse didn't end without blood. Solicitor Mehmet Selim Kiraz was murdered, shot 3 times in the head and 2 times to the chest, 2 terrorists were killed. (They weren't agitators, they were straight up terrorists)
A happy 31 March turned into 3 funerals, one solicitor and two attackers.

Turkey will not bow down to Communism... Union of Mosque and state shall prevail against any other attacks like this. Keep in mind, this attack was planned from the get go by the fucking DHKP-C. The elections are coming and they want to make the government look bad. Fuck Communism and fuck anyone who supports this type of bullshit. İ shall vote for the leading party of AKP with pride.

Turkey may be secular in rule, but it's decisions belong to a category of what i'd like to call "The Union of Mosque and State".
Okay, today's the day i'm born and today's the day that i'm 18. Not a bad thing.
My classmates bought me a cake for the birtday cake and a can of DiDi as a present at the lunch time (İt's a Turkish ice-tea brand and it's my favourite.)
But the cake was simply too much for me and i ended up puking it during the Maths class. (For those who may ask, it was a chocolate cake.) İ came home and ate some chicken soup, now currently drinking some tea. (The finest from Rize :))

Oh and thanks for the comments about my birthday, much appreciated.

Okay, i'm just sitting around minding my own business, all the sudden, the logo of dA is different now.
İ really miss the old logo, but i understand what's going on. Changes will happen, we are to embrace it.
İt will be real hard though.

Hello guys, Amir-Khan here with a WTF face on the new deviantART layout. İt seriously reminds me of Youtube with it's constant layout changes and everything. İ hope Google doesn't buy dA too, or else we're done for with all the 1984 esque copyright bullshit. Don't you Americans have Fair Use? Google doesn't seem to believe in that rule in any shape or form. For those who don't know, Fair Use is when you use some copyrighted content, but you can't gain any profit from it. As long as you give credit to the original creator of the content, you're fine. Now, it's falling to a shithole.

Keep in mind, this is my first time experiencing this layout. As soon as i get used to it, i'll write another journal either praising it or criticizing it.

The schools have began here in Turkey and i'm a Junior now, i'm going to have loads of exams being shoved up my... well, let's just say "a place that doesn't feel good" for today because i did miss my friends back there and now i have gained new ones.

İ have recently been hooked up to Doraemon, i actually heard about the character at the age of 6 (But i never saw the anime at that time unfortunately. TT)

İ have started to play some Empire : Total War and it's a decent game for those who are looking for a RTS game. (The A.İ can be stupid at times but the game is fun.)

That's all for now.
Turkey was the first Muslim populated nation to recognize the İsraHELL.

The recognition of İsra(H)el(l) as a state, it happened because of the far-left secularist Republican People's Party at Turkey. İsmet İnönü was aganist religion and supported the teaching of Evolution etc. The Republican party was pro-British and pro-İsra(H)el(l) because the members of the party were freemasons (No bullshit here son). As a conservative myself, if i could go back in time, i would interfere with the recognition of the state of Bullshit and voila... it would never happen, but sadly in this crazy world we live in, rich people are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. (in this case, İsra(H)el(l) and Palestine)

Turkey has never fought with them because otherwise US would kick Turkey out of UN and NATO.

Sadly, our corrupt history is one of the reasons why Palestine suffers so much... that and the downfall of Ottoman Empire (which people want back)

No more Republican rule on Turkey, on the 28th of August, there shall be a Conservative Democrat rule

Muhafazakar Demokratlık
"Conservative Democratism"
You may have noticed i have removed my MLP stamps, the truth is i'm no longer interested in the fanbase. But that doesn't mean i will stop drawing fanarts of the show or watching it (which has been about a year) or favouriting fanarts.
İ just don't find the thing interesting anymore, from now on, i'm just a casual viewer of the show.
Here's the link.…
İ wish all you Americans a happy 4th of July.
İ have got a new computer that's specifically made for gaming. İ played Far Cry 2 on Ultra settings and it ran a smooth 60 frames-per-second. This computer also has 1TB worth the hard drive and is equipped with the latest graphic card and processor. (İ think)
İ'm a satisfied customer :)

*There's one thing i forgot to tell. This is important for Muslims. (including myself) Ramadan shall begin tomorrow.
Sooo... a whole month of fasting, it's going to be nice.
İ saw the report card and i was amazed, i'm no longer a sophomore. İ'm a Junior now. 
But... i'm not gonna be here for 2 weeks. We shall head to Sakarya for some "vacation".
İ used quotations because it's gonna be excruciating for my tastes.

How was your day? İ still have few days until Tuesday (We shall go that day) so i'll be able to keep in touch with y'all some more.
But first, the good news. İ've been doing pretty straight-forward with my finals and schools are about to finish here (2 weeks or less.)... Now, the real deal... my brother has pneumonia and is not doing very well. He keeps coughing and my aunt comes every day and night to give him 2 shots of vaccine. İ believe the cause of his situation was his never-ending smoking habit. My aunt said that he needs to be given 2 vaccine every day and night for 10 days. May Allah help and protect him from causing anymore damage to both himself and our family (By the way, YES. İ'm a Muslim... that's not very devout.). İ lost my father over a year ago, i don't want to lose my brother too. 
...İ'm cancelling my first work of fiction "Mechanic Wolf With his Bomb and Followers" and instead, proceeding to think of smarter ideas for a fiction.

İ shall delete any work releated to the fiction.

That's all for today.

Armağan Oruç A.K.A Dj Army. Here's a tune from this mofo.